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How can I protect myself from fraud?
Internet Fraud Can Be Prevented With Vigilance
It is important to all users of My Overland Park Online that the site remain a public site. Those who list Classifieds, Jobs, Resumes, News & Announcements, etc. greatly benefit from its ability to present their information to others outside our community.

My Overland Park Online, like all public sites on the Internet, can be visited by people around the World. While the majority of these people are honest, there are a few that have malicious intent and use the Internet to prey on the unsuspecting. Like traditional methods of communication such as phones, faxes, and USPS mail, the Internet is just another communications medium.

Just like all mediums, however, criminals will use it to their own ends to steal, cheat, and harass. It is important to know about these scams and also to share your experiences with others to prevent neighbors from falling prey.

Tips Protecting Against Email Fraud and Viruses

    » First Look At The Sender
If its from a global free email service like gmail, hotmail, or yahoomail it deserves scrutiny. Even though we all use these services, a large percentage of spam comes through these services. If you want to respond to a potentially suspicious email, get a free email account and use that to respond.
    » Does it sound like it came from a neighbor?
If it doesn't sound like it came from your neighbor, it probably didn't. Delete it and sleep knowing your computer will boot up tomorrow.
    » Does it sound to good to be true?
If the request seems too good to believe then it probably is. Delete it and sleep knowing your computer will boot up tomorrow.
    » NEVER Click on a Link or Open an Attachment
NEVER click a link or open an attachment from a suspicious email or one that you are not very sure of the originator.
    » NEVER Give Out Personal Information
NEVER give out bank account information, driver's license, passport, or any other personal information via email. Internet Safety Tip 101.
Residents who reply to site postings should also be aware of these issues and reply back in a proper fashion that would promote trust in your reply. A more detailed email than 'is it still available?' is going to reflect your genuine interest and helps identify your response as legitimate.

The scammers use free email addresses and hacked servers, and these sites are swamped with reports. The local authorities just do not have the resources to fight much of this internet abuse, which is global in nature. Please keep this in mind if you contact them. The responsibility is with us being vigilant to stop Internet fraud.

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